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Cathy Leonard

Cathy Leonard Consulting

Cathy works with organizations to build diverse workforces and inclusive workplace cultures.  Through consulting and training, she helps her clients connect diversity and inclusion strategies to improved business performance. Prior to launching her consulting firm, Cathy spent 15 years working throughout Canada in the oil and gas industry, focused on human resources, diversity, inclusion, and financial management. Cathy is a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional (CCIPTM), has a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Commerce, and a certificate in Leadership and Inclusion.

Issue 6.2 | Fall 2018

Diversity & Inclusion Strategies: Not just for big business

Issue 6.3 | Winter 2018

Micro-Inequities: Small acts with big impact

Issue 6.4 | Spring 2019

Facilitating Inclusive Meetings

Issue 6.5 | Summer 2019

Avoid Diversity Fatigue! Focus, plan, execute.