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Natalie Decker

Decker Consulting

Natalie Decker is the business owner of Decker Consulting-Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness. Her client span includes offshore oil and gas, marine companies, oil refining, transportation firms, federal postal services, mining, healthcare, service industries, retail and universities. Natalie holds a nationally recognized OHS designation as a Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN) as well as an OHS certification from the College of the North Atlantic. Her value for effectively meeting organizational needs is further enhanced with her business background through a Masters in Employment Relations (MER).

With 24 years of diverse experience and expertise, Natalie can provide leadership and comprehensive services that focus on Risk Mitigation processes, Health Promotion presentations, Bio-screening clinics, Medical Surveillance, Injury and Illness Management, Mental Health First Aid, and Disability Management. Natalie’s professional work ethic and competencies have proven to be an asset to employers, as she tailors programs to corporate goals and objectives to provide a higher level of wellness among the working population.

Outside of work, Natalie has a passion for gardening, enjoys travelling and loves planning leisure time activities with her family and friends.

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