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5 Keys to Closing the Deal

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

By Brenda Kelleher-Flight, GDP Consulting

Are you able to talk with someone and describe your product or service but unable to close the deal? This is a common issue. It affects the growth of your business, your self-confidence, and your bottom line. There are five steps to take to close the deal.

Match your offering to the needs of the client.

Find out what your client really wants or needs. Ask why that person might want what you have to offer. Don’t spend your time telling her about the product or service. Focus on what they tell you, and match what you say to their requirements.


Calm people close deals. Anxious people make clients feel anxious, overwhelmed, or pressured. Maintain a relaxed pace. Look the client in the eye and don’t forget to smile. Intensity drives people away.

Keep your shoulders back and your head high. Slouching gives the message that you are insecure or hate what you are doing. Everyone loves to be around relaxed individuals. Be that person.

Be brief, informative, firm, and friendly.

If you waver, you seem desperate. If you talk incessantly, the customer feels irritated. Keep your sentences short and to the point, ensuring that they are brief and informative, and focusing on what the customer wants.

If you are brief, informative, firm, and friendly, your customer will get the message that you will not be easily bullied, lower your price, or change the criteria for your service or product.

Ensure buy-in.

Ask the customer if she is ready to purchase now. If the answer is No, ask direct questions to find out the information that is needed to enable you to close the deal. These questions work best if they are open-ended. For example, stating, “You should really buy now because it would really be great for you,” is different from saying, “I know you want to have this service and I’d really like to know what information you need to make a good decision.” Show customers that you care about what they think and that you don’t want them to engage with you unless they are fully satisfied with your product or service.

Make the sale.

Three ways to make the sale when you know that there is a match between what the customer wants and what you have to offer include

- creating a sense of importance or urgency

You might say something like, “This offer is only available for three days. Given that this

meets your needs, we can sign you up right now.”

- asking a direct question

These questions ensure you are meeting the customer’s needs and closing the deal

simultaneously: “Would you like to come in on Monday or Tuesday?” “What day is it best

to deliver your new sewing machine?”

- summarizing the match

You would conclude by saying, “Now that we know you need massage because you have

whiplash and that you want to come for three morning appointments, we will schedule you

right away, and your first appointment will be Thursday morning at 9 AM. That gives you

time to drop your children off at school and get here in plenty of time for your

appointment, and you won’t miss valuable time from work.”

All successful business owners follow these steps to close sales.


Brenda Kelleher-Flight,

Brenda Kelleher-Flight is a member of NLOWE. She is a master business coach who specializes in helping business owners become unstuck, focus on business growth, find the right employees, resolve conflict, and achieve the success they envision. She coaches face-to-face and via Skype and telephone. Your needs are her focus.

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