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5 Social Media Tips to Target New Customers

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

By Christina Adams, Antenna Social Media & Design

Social media can be a great tool to connect you to new customers. At Antenna Social we believe there are five key social media tips that can help you attract your audience. Before we get started on those tips, it’s important to understand what social media does best.

In a nutshell, social media

  • increases brand awareness

  • drives traffic to your website

  • helps build relationships

Increasing brand awareness

Does 8675-309 ring a bell? It’s Jenny’s phone number from that 80s song. People remember through repetition. Capitalize on this in your social media profiles.

1. Be consistent. Use the same profile and cover image for all of your social profiles and even your website. People remember with repetition, just as with Jenny’s number. 2. Update your cover images. Keep your brand top of mind by updating your cover images and profile photos regularly. Promote your product or push out key messages to your followers. Any text you use should take up less than 25 percent of the image.

Driving traffic to your website

Social media can be great at attracting people to your brand and driving them to your website. Your website should be converting visitors to taking an action— whether that’s purchasing through an online store or contacting you for more information.

3. It’s all about the CTA. A “CTA” is a Call to Action. It’s a statement that asks users to take some sort of action. Some good CTAs include Contact Us, Book Now, Shop, and Learn More. These can link to your website and help drive traffic. CTAs can be placed on your cover image or in your bio, and in the content of your posts. Put one on your website too. 4. Use the right keywords. Being found on Google is all about keywords—phrases people type into search engines when they are looking for solutions to something. You want people to find your solution whether they know you or not. Use a keyword research tool to discover relevant keywords being searched in your target markets. When you determine your keyword phrases, put them in your profile descriptions. Weave them into your copy seamlessly and you’ll be more likely to be seen in searches.

Building relationships with customers

People buy from people—especially people they like and trust. Psychologically, we need to see a face in order to feel a personal connection and to build trust.

5. Use your face in your profile photo. If you are the spokesperson for your brand, put yourself in the picture. If your business is made up of many people, consider creating a spokesperson to represent the company. When this is not possible, use your logo, but be sure to incorporate real people in your social media content. Sharing team highlights or showcasing your corporate culture is a great way to start building relationships with social media.

A few extra tips about your photos:

  • Keep it professional, but show some personality—smile!

  • Headshots are easiest to view on small screens.

  • Keep the background uncluttered.

  • You can use two people in a profile photo, but any more than that will get lost on the small screens. No team shots.

  • It’s okay to crop your logo in the profile, as long as you can read what it is.

  • Name your profile photo. That way, when your name is searched and Google shows a preview, your face will show up and not someone else’s.

For more social media and design tips, follow us @antennasocial.


Christina Adams,

Smash your business goals using the power of social media and design. Christina has been working in digital media for over 18 years, including creating the education program website for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games. She started Antenna with her partner Greg, a graduate from NASCAD, one of the top art schools in Canada. He’s been working as a designer for over 15 years for clients and ad agencies across North America. Together they started Antenna in order to empower you with excellent social media skills, graphic design, insider techniques, and technical support.

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