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A Visionary Entrepreneur and Community Developer

By Krista Hazlie

Deborah Bourden, Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, sponsored by RBC

Deborah Bourden, owner of the Anchor Inn in Twillingate, stands as a shining example of visionary entrepreneurship and dedicated community development. Her dedication to excellence has transformed industries and had a profound impact on communities, making her a true leader and a well-deserving recipient of this prestigious award.

Deborah’s remarkable career, spanning over four decades, has been marked by exceptional skills and achievements as a property developer, marketer, and tourism operator. This award recognizes a long-time entrepreneur who has significantly impacted the economy and whose success serves as an inspiration to other women in business.

Deborah’s journey started with the establishment of Applecore Interactive, an internet marketing company with a global footprint. Notable among its achievements was the creation of a digital marketing platform for the provincial tourism industry. In 2011, Deborah shifted her focus to tourism operations, acquiring the Anchor Inn Hotel in Twillingate. Her visionary approach led to extensive renovations, transforming this hotel into an iconic, community-focused tourism establishment. Deborah’s exceptional planning and management skills earned her further recognition through NLOWE awards, both as a visionary entrepreneur and for her contribution to economic development.

However, Deborah’s influence extends well beyond her entrepreneurial endeavours. She is an accomplished business leader, a dedicated champion of the tourism industry, and a community developer. Currently, she serves as the chair of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador, a commitment that demonstrates her deep commitment to advancing the industry. Her leadership roles in the Twillingate Islands Tourism Association and the Twillingate Strategic Tourism Expansion Plan project, as well as her founding membership in Grow Twillingate Inc., exemplify her dedication to economic development through innovation in arts, culture, and heritage.

The Unscripted Twillingate Digital Arts Festival is a testament to Deborah’s support for community growth and creativity. Her contributions transcend mere business growth; she nurtures individuals and communities and fosters their growth and success.

In honoring Deborah with the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, we pay tribute to her remarkable contributions to the industry, her visionary spirit, and her unparalleled commitment to community development. Deborah is not merely an entrepreneur; she is a dynamic leader and a true community developer, consistently stepping up to lead and advocating for the provincial tourism industry in public forums. Her legacy is marked by the enduring impact she has made on the lives of many and the prosperity she has sown in the communities she serves.

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