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Economic Impact Award 2022

June Tavenor is the 2022 award recipient for economic impact.

CEO, Catalyst Health Solutions

Receiving the Economic Impact Award is June Tavenor, a registered nurse and the founder and CEO of Catalyst Health Solutions, located in Paradise. This award, sponsored by Hebron Project, recognizes women in business who have impacted the local economy, employed local resources, stimulated growth, and contributed to sustainable community development.

A registered nurse for more than 16 years, June has extensive experience in emergency and trauma nursing and in nursing education, research, leadership, management, and entrepreneurship. While working within the health-care system, she identified opportunities to improve health-care delivery and patient experience.

In early 2016, June founded Catalyst Health Solutions to advocate for patients and all consumers of publicly funded health care in Newfoundland and Labrador. In the six years since opening her business, June has been decreasing hospitalizations, challenging the norms of health care, and advocating to keep our aging population out of institutions. Her mission and that of Catalyst Health Solutions is to revolutionize health-care delivery in North America through innovation, collaboration, and access.

“Reconciling that there could be financial consequences was the biggest economic challenge I had to overcome, and that’s where NLOWE came in. Their staff believed in me from the beginning, and with their help, I could access capital and build a strong business plan,” says Tavenor. “Being recognized by NLOWE for impacting the local economy and stimulating community growth is truly an honour.”

Since opening Catalyst Health Solutions, Tavenor has positively impacted Newfoundland and Labrador’s health-care sector. She continues to advocate for better patient care and experience across Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and beyond.

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