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Fuelled by Determination and a Taste for Success

By Krista Hazlie

Stephanie Fowler and Terri Pittman, Young Entrepreneur Award, sponsored by College of the North Atlantic

Stephanie Fowler and Terri Pittman are owners of the Newfoundland Donut Company. These young entrepreneurs are more than just business leaders; they are paving the way for others to follow in their footsteps. With fresh ideas, steady determination, and a profound belief in the power of innovation, they are creating a vibrant and prosperous future.

Stephanie and Terri’s entrepreneurial dream took root in Halifax, where they envisioned establishing a donut shop in St. John’s.

Upon returning to St. John’s and securing funding from Metro Business Opportunities, they confronted a significant hurdle—they had no idea how to make donuts. Undeterred, they turned to the internet, learning the art of donut-making through online videos, search engines, and conversations with other Canadian donut shops.

The community’s enthusiastic response to their initial business idea validated their venture’s potential and reinforced their commitment to success. Social media played a pivotal role in spreading the word about their business, enabling them to connect with their audience and build anticipation.

Despite their initial success, they encountered a setback when faced with increasing rent and operational costs. Forced to close their doors for eight months, they grappled with uncertainty about their business’s future.

Throughout this challenging period, they persisted in their dream of reopening. When an opportunity arose, they seized it. Without adequate funding, they made bold decisions and relied on creativity and resourcefulness to breathe life back into their venture.

The journey was filled with sacrifices, but they embraced every challenge as an opportunity to grow stronger.

Today, Newfoundland Donut Company stands as a testament to Stephanie and Terri’s adaptability and hard work. With a full team of dedicated employees and a unique business model, they have become a well-known and integral part of their community.

Stephanie and Terri are an energetic pair who are not only successfully growing their profits but are striving to be outstanding leaders by creating a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space for their staff and customers. They are part of a generation creating a new workplace norm and setting the standard for others to follow. Overcoming hurdles to create their delicious success, these young entrepreneurs are only beginning. Their story shows what can be achieved through innovation, determination, and a sweet sprinkle of creativity. Their entrepreneurial trajectory is an inspiration to aspiring young entrepreneurs everywhere

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