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Gertrude Bradbury

Updated: Oct 2, 2022


2021 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Gertrude Bradbury, president and general manager of Locke’s Electrical Limited, received the Leadership Award, sponsored by Fonemed. The Leadership Award recognizes female entrepreneurs who’ve shown that they are champions for the advancement of women in general and women in the entrepreneurial space in particular.

"I am both humbled and motivated by receiving this award. Being recognized as a leader in our entrepreneurial community comes with a responsibility I take seriously. I am committed to developing authentic relationships with my employees, clients, future and current women entrepreneurs while supporting the communities in which Locke’s Electrical operates and performs work.”

As co-chair of the Navigate advisory board, Bradbury is a champion of the entrepreneurial community in western Newfoundland. Navigate provides opportunities for learning, growth, and idea generation for aspiring entrepreneurs, students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Grenfell and CNA Corner Brook campuses. In addition, Navigate builds relationships among clients, partners, and organizations to help hopeful entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning their businesses. Since opening its doors in 2004, Navigate has helped over 300 entrepreneurs set sail on their business journey.

Bradbury says it is no secret that having supports in place makes a difference to a woman’s entrepreneurial success. For her part, Bradbury makes connections wherever she can and supports other female-led businesses by buying from women-owned businesses, celebrating others’ successes, sharing her knowledge and experience by mentoring up-and-coming female entrepreneurs, and referring women-owned businesses to her customers, employees, friends, and family.

The challenges for women in business are real. But, as successful entrepreneurs, we must work together to inspire other women to take the risk and realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Bradbury maintains that building relationships builds businesses, and female entrepreneurs should support and encourage each other. “It takes a team to succeed, and NLOWE provides access to that team. I thank NLOWE and my team for acknowledging the important role leadership has in the journey for female entrepreneurs to follow their dreams."

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