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Gill Whelan

Updated: Oct 2, 2022


2021 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

“I would like to thank my team of employees for their incredible effort. Whelan Wellness’s success is only because of our dedication and hard work. I would also like to thank the staff at NLOWE, who are a terrific resource for our entrepreneurial community. Some are even Whelan Wellness Bootcamp members! Thank you for recognizing my work, my ability, and my dreams. In 2014 I was nominated, and I’m so excited to be back now in the company of female business leaders in our province.”

Gill Whelan, CEO and founder of Whelan Wellness (St. John’s), received the Momentum Award, sponsored by McInnes Cooper. The Momentum Award recognizes female entrepreneurs who have demonstrated significant growth or growth potential within a one- to three-year time span. Whelan has built an adaptable business and leverages every opportunity she can to realize her dreams.

It has paid off.

After 25 years, Whelan, who had been coaching clients in fitness and wellness, expanded into fitness, health, nutrition, mindset, and overall wellness. Creating a positive, welcoming, and supportive environment, Whelan Wellness has grown from 120 clients, all Newfoundlanders, to a 4000-member global community worldwide. Her motto is Anybody, anywhere, anytime.

Whelan says the entrepreneurial path has been the only path she’s known. Whether she was a babysitter, piano instructor, or lemonade-stand proprietor, her head has always been in the game. Her purpose is to empower people to accept and love themselves and to become stronger, better versions of who they already are. Whelan says there is no typical client; her youngest participant is 18 years old, and the oldest is 81. Getting fit doesn’t depend on what your fitness level is, or what your shape, size, or gender is.

Since starting her business, Whelan has worked toward improving the fitness industry. So, what is next for Whelan Wellness? Gill says the business will be more of the same—working to reach as many people as they can. With her talent for creating new offerings for her clients worldwide, business opportunities are limitless.

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