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Guiding Excellence

By Krista Hazlie

Jackie McCann-Scott, Mentor Award, sponsored by HR Project Partners

Jackie McCann-Scott, owner of the Lupin Planning Group, is a shining example of mentorship excellence. Her journey in the business world has been characterized by outstanding achievements and a relentless dedication to fostering growth in others. This mentor award stands as a testament to her exceptional mentoring skills and her invaluable contributions to empowering women entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential.

One of her earliest mentors, and undoubtedly the most influential, was her own mother, who instilled the values of hard work and humour, qualities that have shaped Jackie’s approach to both life and entrepreneurship.

As an active member of the NLOWE Mastermind community, Jackie has had the privilege of connecting with fellow entrepreneurs who have played a pivotal role in her entrepreneurial journey. Their support, encouragement, and ability to lead by example have proven to be invaluable resources, propelling her forward in the world of business.

When the time came for Jackie to explore a career as a financial advisor, a fellow female mentor and colleague guided her toward the independent advisor channel. This mentor not only encouraged her but also provided access and supported her in building her own clientele. For four years, Jackie worked in collaboration with this seasoned advisor, accumulating a wealth of experience and expertise.

Armed with the wisdom gleaned from these invaluable mentors and the encouragement of her Mastermind peers, Jackie embarked on the journey to establish Invested Mama. This female-focused financial planning firm earned her NLOWE’s Innovation Award in 2014, an achievement and a testament to her dedication.

In 2022, Jackie recognized the need for a rebrand, leading to the birth of Lupin Planning Group. This new identity represents Jackie’s deep commitment to mentorship, not only within her growing team of female advisors but also in her relationships with clients. She understands that a mentor influences the personal and professional growth of a mentee, and this philosophy guides her and her team’s interactions with clients.

Whether it’s in the office, speaking at conferences, engaging with students in a classroom, contributing articles to publications like The Advisor, or participating in radio shows, Jackie is unwavering in her dedication to educating and empowering others.

With 23 years of experience in the financial industry, Jackie believes she is just getting started on a journey marked by mentorship, empowerment, and a steadfast commitment to personal and professional growth. Her story is a testament to the profound impact of mentors and the enduring power of continuous learning and development.



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