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Interested in Selling to Government? The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises is Here to Help

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

By Cindy O’Driscoll

Are you a business owner in search of new opportunities?

The Government of Canada could be your next market. How can you get a share of this market? That’s where the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) comes in.

The federal government buys over $23 billion worth of goods and services annually from the private sector. This includes just about everything, from snowplowing and social media monitoring to tractors, tires, tents, and toiletries.

Major buyers for Atlantic Canadian-made products and services include

- Parks Canada

- Public Services and Procurement Canada

- National Defence

- Fisheries and Oceans Canada

- Correctional Services Canada

- Transport Canada

- Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

- Veterans Affairs Canada

Departments and agencies often have the discretion to purchase goods and services, under certain dollar limits, directly from suppliers. The limits typically vary between $25,000 to $100,000. While contracts are awarded for larger amounts, most are valued at under $25,000.

OSME ensures businesses in the Atlantic region have an equal opportunity to sell their goods or services to the Government of Canada. Atlantic team members are in St. John’s, Halifax, and Moncton.

OSME provides free webinars, seminars, and one-on-one sessions to

- provide information, coaching, and training services

- reduce competition barriers

- simplify government contracting process

- ensure business community concerns and views are heard

OSME was created as part of Public Services and Procurement Canada, the main purchasing arm of the federal government, to support a procurement system that is fair, open, and transparent. Businesses that understand the federal procurement process, including how to navigate the process, and find federal tenders, can bid on contracting opportunities with greater ease, confidence, and success.

OSME dispels the myth that doing business with the federal government is only for big business. Small and medium-size enterprises receive most of the contracts awarded each year by Public Services and Procurement Canada. is the main location for information about the procurement process, including tenders, standing offers, supply arrangements, and contract history. Browse and download tenders free-of-charge without having to register on the site. Sign up for news to receive website updates.

To learn more, contact the OSME Atlantic Region team at, or 902-426-5677. Dial 1-800-811-1148 to reach the national Infoline.


Cindy O’Driscoll

Cindy O’Driscoll is Chief of Stakeholder Engagement with Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) in the Atlantic Region. As a key member of the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) team in Halifax, Cindy advises and educates Atlantic Canadian companies and industry associations about the federal procurement process and is committed to helping businesses succeed. Cindy holds an MBA from Saint Mary’s University, an MSc in Coastal Zone Management from Bournemouth University, U.K. and an MA and BA (Hons) in Archaeology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. You can reach Cindy at

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