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Jacqui Winter: 2019 Momentum Award

HR Project Partners is an HR consulting and recruitment company offering a full suite of HR services, such as supporting recruitment and retention and providing contract personnel.

Helping people comes naturally to Jacqui, who has a background in social work. She has always been drawn to leadership roles; she’s the sort of person who jumps in and gets things done. After working as an employee and a contractor, she started her own business in 2015. At first, Jacqui relied on the contacts and connections she has built up over the years; as the business developed, clients came to know and trust the quality of the work.

Jacqui values the experiences that entrepreneurship offers. She says no two days are ever the same. She loves to face a challenge, to work though it creatively and reach a happy resolution. She’s motivated by the gratitude of clients who are delighted to have found work.

HRPP’s company values are at the core of the work; they prioritize respect, quality, professional conduct, ethics, accountability, and confidentiality. Jacqui also feels strongly about open communication and giving back to the community.

Strong women have shaped Jacqui’s approach to life. Her mother and grandmother are people who “had very strong values and ethics, who just got things done, who never complained or judged others, helped other people and were genuine, kind women.” Jacqui believes in taking a positive approach and practising gratitude; this is something she hopes she has passed on to her children. She is also inspired by the commitment of her team and by her spirituality.

Jacqui’s advice to emerging entrepreneurs is to keep in mind that being an entrepreneur has its challenges, just as being an employee does. Some days will be great, she says, and some days you will want to quit your own company – “Being prepared for challenges and dealing with them as they arise will help you become a great leader and entrepreneur. Take the challenges and turn them into lessons!”

HRPP continues to grow, with two offices in Newfoundland and Labrador and plans to hire a staff person in New Brunswick. The focus will remain the same, though: evolving to continue to meet the needs of clients by offering a consistent high quality of service.


Momentum recognizes an entrepreneur who has demonstrated significant growth and/or growth potential within a one- to three-year time span. This entrepreneur has built a business that is adaptable and apt to successfully leverage opportunities for continued growth. Sponsored by Husky Energy West White Rose Project

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