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Joy Barker

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Economic Impact

2021 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Joy Barker, president of JSR Holdings Inc. and Copper Stop Ltd. (locations in Springdale and Baie Verte), received the Economic Impact Award, sponsored by Hebron Project. This award recognizes female entrepreneurs whose businesses have significantly impacted the local economy and improved the community’s economic position.

“To all those strong women of NLOWE, there’s plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead. So keep making noise, Sisters!”

Barker credits her parents, who owned and operated businesses, for her entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic. She says growing up in the Barker household meant business was the main topic of conversation, and all hands pitched in to get the work done. At 21, Barker opened and managed an automobile repair garage, her first business. Shortly after that, she began buying and selling businesses to meet the needs of her growing family. As a result, she gained the respect of her peers and an understanding of various industries.

Based primarily out of Baie Verte, Barker is a property owner and runs a gas station, convenience store, and car wash. She also owns the Blue Canoe Family RV Park near Springdale. In addition, Barker has volunteered for many community and business associations throughout her career, including snowmobile associations, the Baie Verte and Area Chamber of Commerce, and many more.

To find a work-life balance when she’s not managing a sizable business, Barker spends her time hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling with her family.

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