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Marketing to Sell

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

By Brenda Kelleher-Flight, GDP Consulting

Do you feel as if your products and services are relevant to many different customers? Many of us do. It doesn’t help to market to everyone and target no one. You need to choose at least one ideal client, develop a strategy, and be where your clients can easily find you.

Ideal Client

It is difficult to focus on one client when you think that your products or services are relevant to many different people.

Let’s look at one example. If you are a life coach and your services are not covered by insurance policies, potential clients must have the means to pay for your services. Many people in all age brackets could use the services of a life coach, but it is essential to focus sharply and look at the facts as you know them:

  • Many people under 25 years of age are still defining their lives and would rather spend their money socializing than paying for your services.

  • People over 65 may be less likely to avail themselves of your services.

  • Women are more likely to hire a life coach.

  • These women are usually graduates of a post-secondary program and want to know that their information will be kept confidential.

If you agree with these statements, you are going to target females with a post-secondary education, between 25 and 65 years of age, who have disposable income and are willing to commit the time to benefit from your services.


Do you hate developing strategies? Would you rather make decisions as you go? You may, but in truth, you need a strategy.

Clients aren’t going to come to you just because you have a great product/service. You need:

  1. to set goals that are realistic, specific and measurable

  2. to define push and pull activities that influence what you are going to do each week to reach your targets

  3. to identify real pains (why they really want what you have to offer) and write your pitch accordingly

  4. to target potential customers by being where they are, either personally or via some form of media or advertising. This means knowing where you can meet and introduce your products/services to these individuals, being aware of what they read, and using the media that attract their attention (social, online, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.).

  5. to follow your strategy to the letter, measure results, take corrective action (don’t waste time on excuses) when an activity doesn’t work, and celebrate all successes. Failure is part of success, it is not the opposite of it.

Visibility and the seller

Visibility is essential and not always easy to accomplish. You could

  • offer classes

  • speak publicly

  • advertise

  • write a blog

  • network

  • ask for referrals

  • offer samples or specials

  • offer free products or services after a certain amount has been purchased

Also, if you have staff and one of them is better at selling than you are, let that person sell. Don’t hold onto that role if it is not a strength for you.

It doesn’t matter how good your products/services are if they are not at a good price point, if people can’t find you, and if the energy in your business (either in person or online) doesn’t resonate with your ideal client.

Focus on what works.


What fact, case study, story, or result will mean the most to your potential clients? Word of mouth still sells more than any form of advertising.

Build a solid reputation by collecting testimonials, doing something special for a person or group in your community, or showing before and after photos.

We are creatures of habit. Therefore, it is necessary to tell others your competitive advantage. Why are your products better than those of your competitor? State it clearly without being boastful.

The key: Know what your clients need, where they are, and how and where they will be more likely to receive your message.


Brenda Kelleher-Flight,

Brenda Kelleher-Flight is a member of NLOWE. She is a master business coach who specializes in helping business owners become unstuck, focus on business growth, find the right employees, resolve conflict, and achieve the success they envision. She coaches face-to-face and via Skype and telephone. Your needs are her focus.

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