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Megan Jackman

Updated: Oct 2, 2022


2021 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Megan Jackman, owner of Ragmaw (St. John’s),received the Trendsetter Award, sponsored by Bluedrop Performance Learning. This award honours female entrepreneurs who own and operate successful businesses that employ innovation and original thinking in operational and promotional activities.

“I started my own business to turn my passion into a profit. It was daunting at the beginning, but it has been a fantastic journey. I love that I control the direction of my business and have the freedom to operate outside the box. Thank you to NLOWE for recognizing my accomplishments and inviting me into the entrepreneurial community.”

Before starting Ragmaw in 2013, Jackman worked as a pharmacist and risked it all to turn her passion for sewing into a viable business. Since then, she’s grown Ragmaw into an established Canadian brand.

Encouraged by her grandmother and inspired by the natural landscape, Jackman began designing unique and trendy handbags. She says every bag has a story and a connection to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Social media plays a big part in Ragmaw’s marketing strategy. Jackman and her team keep posts authentic and use her voice and natural personality to connect with customers.

Owning your own business is not always easy. Jackman says she looks to her industry peers and role models for encouragement and support.

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