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Message from the Board Chair

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Denise Goodyear, Board Chair of NLOWE, illustrates the importance of our collective power to create change and inspire gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity.

As our new normal continues to change, women in business continue to evolve and adapt—because that’s what we do. We are business owners, wives, and mothers. Caregivers and listeners. We are supportive and inclusive. We are Indigenous and new Canadians. We are able and equal. We are adapting and evolving, and we will #BreakTheBias to ensure all women have the opportunity to be heard and to excel.

Welcome, everyone, to the spring edition of The Advisor.

International Women’s Day and its #BreakTheBias theme this year really speak to me as a woman, as a business owner, and certainly speak to NLOWE as an organization. Let’s work together to break the bias in our homes, in our communities, and in the workplace. We have the individual and collective power to create change—to inspire gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity.

So, on March 8, it was wonderful to see so many of you strike the IWD 2022 pose and share your #BreakTheBias images. But of course we cannot stop there.

I say it often—your network is everything. Nowadays networks are a combination of in-person and on-screen groups, but the benefits remain the same. When I work with my clients to evaluate the effectiveness of their networks, the first question I ask is not “What do you receive from this group?” but “How do you intend to invest in it?” We need to utilize the power of our networks and lead by example. Show everyone in your respective networks what you are doing to be inclusive and equitable. And remember, NLOWE is one of your networks. Participate and communicate with purpose. Let’s support each other and grow together—inclusively. Together we can #BreakTheBias.

As spring approaches, we feel the opportunity and optimism that come with the brightness of the season. NLOWE provides fantastic opportunities to start, grow, and advance your business with events, networking, and training. Face the unique challenges that come with being a female business owner with the support of a mentor, or share your own advice and expertise. With weekly newsletters that communicate the many supports and programs, it is easy to stay connected and visible.

So bring on the partnerships and cross-promotions. Get together and be innovative and inclusive.

Continue leaning on and supporting one another; it truly does make a difference. And remember that NLOWE is here to help.

Denise Goodyear, NLOWE Board Chair

President, Intuitive Media


Denise Goodyear is president of Intuitive Media, a company that takes an imaginative and accountable approach to digital marketing and media buying. She’s happiest when meeting new people, building relationships, and helping small businesses grow through marketing management, digital strategy, advertising, and training.

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