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Patsy Tremblett

Updated: Oct 2, 2022


2021 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Patsy Tremblett, president and CEO of Prima Information Solutions Inc. (St. John’s), received the Trailblazer Award, sponsored by Cox & Palmer. The Trailblazer Award recognizes female entrepreneurs leading businesses in non-traditional sectors.

“It means so much to be recognized as a trailblazer for my 26-year career in a non-traditional IT business. I hope other female entrepreneurs look at my success and feel empowered to choose a non-traditional path. Thank you, NLOWE, for the opportunity to share my career and my story. Success comes from determination, support, advocacy and advice from the right people and organizations like NLOWE. Their advisors, programs, and resources can help you find your success.”

Twenty-six years ago, when Tremblett started her business, women were under-represented in the IT sector. Unfortunately, that situation hasn’t changed much. Tremblett says more female entrepreneurs need to realize their global potential and take their rightful place in the technology, construction, and manufacturing sectors.

Tremblett blazed a trail across North America and the UK and has grown Prima into a multi-million-dollar corporation with nearly 200 employees. Her next goal is to develop data collection software to benefit all three branches of Prima. Tremblett says it’s a risk, but she’s committed to ensuring its success.

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