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Pioneering Excellence in Industry

By Krista Hazlie

Morgan O’Reilly, Momentum Award, sponsored by McInnes Cooper

Morgan O’Reilly is the owner of Argentia Industrial Services and is the recipient of NLOWE’s 2023 Momentum Award. This award recognizes female entrepreneurs who have demonstrated significant growth or growth potential within a three-year period.

At the Port of Argentia, Argentia Industrial Services stands tall as a standard of excellence, providing the industry with a competitive edge. Founded on competence and integrity, Argentia Industrial Services is dedicated to delivering exceptional services through their people, products, and services. With a steadfast belief in client satisfaction, Morgan has executed a growth strategy that has diversified the company’s services while maintaining a strong focus on professionalism and efficiency.

A pillar of Morgan’s success lies in the commitment to fostering lasting business relationships. A specialization in waste management has expanded to encompass a wide array of services, including commercial and industrial waste management, front-load and roll-off container services, general waste disposal, recycling services, special waste collection and disposal, international waste collection disposal, solid waste disposal, janitorial services, vacuum truck services, porta-potty rentals, chartered transportation services, fleet inspections, and concrete grinding and polishing.

Recent investments in equipment and resources have propelled Argentia Industrial Services to new heights of operational efficiency. These strategic enhancements include fleet expansion and upgrades, a robust inventory of waste disposal containers, the implementation of cutting-edge software to streamline daily operations, and the launch of a dynamic new website to promote the company.

Founded by her late father, the company began with a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to hard work. Morgan followed in her family’s footsteps as she moved from exploring various career paths as a university student to assuming her current role as a dedicated leader within the company. Her father’s support and guidance have been pivotal in shaping her journey and instilling invaluable lessons.

When crucial contracts were suspended because of COVID-19 and other contracts went to public tender, Argentia Industrial Services faced turbulent times. However, the company adapted to the challenges, and emerged stronger than ever. This resilience was rewarded with successful bids and new projects, leading to continued growth. Morgan took the helm and found the strength and determination to carry on her father’s legacy.

Argentia Industrial Services is not only a remarkable business success story but also a symbol of perseverance and innovation in the community. Morgan’s commitment to the Port of Argentia’s potential to drive economic growth is unwavering. She and her business are continually investing in resources to seize future opportunities and contribute to the prosperity of the community and the broader economy.


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