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Put Your Best Self Out There

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

From suck-cess to success

Welcome to the third article in a four-part series created to help you discover your story and present it engagingly. This article shows how to get comfortable telling your story on social media.

Where do you fit?

Anxiety is at an all-time high today, and there is no doubt the siren call of social media plays a role in that. As you share your opinions and talents in any capacity, you open yourself to judgment, which can be intimidating. If you haven’t embraced social media as a regular part of your story, first build your confidence by creating an inspiration folder. Make notes of social media posts that resonate with you and guide you in the right direction.

Yes, you can overcome suck-cess.

In slang, the word “suck” means you’re bad at something. Success is the polar opposite of that negative word, yet every time we start to say success, it begins with, you guessed it—suck. Ironic, isn’t it? No wonder it sneaks into our thinking. However, there is a solution. When preparing your content, think less about who is watching and more about what you’re sharing. Judge your stories by your standards, and eventually, you will find your voice and your audience. Yes, it will take time and dedication, but this simple plan works.

Negative self-talk is comfort food.

Negative self-talk can be very comforting. It’s a validation for failure and steals attention from opportunity. Removing it can be challenging. Is your internal dialogue confident, hesitant, or, possibly, detrimental? When Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn beckon, do you hold back or charge forward? Undertake a periodic check on your internal suck-cess self-talk. If your mindset shifts from success to suck-cess, ask yourself why. Awareness is a step in the right direction, and that inspiration folder will be invaluable at times like this.

Avoid social media overwhelm.

If social media overwhelms you, choose one platform or public activity that feels comfortable and begin by sharing your content there. Becoming competent on one platform will boost your confidence. Time is a precious resource. Be realistic about what you can commit to social media marketing, and research where your audience will be. Make a social media plan that is workable for you.

Grow to be an expert.

Does presenting yourself as an expert make you uncomfortable, or do you embrace it? We are bombarded daily with experts in every imaginable field. Start your evolution by sharing something in your wheelhouse that you are confident about. Then commit to showing up. Schedule your calendar. Honour it. Gradually, you will find your place and your following.

You’ve got this.

Trust your judgment when you begin stepping out of your comfort zone. You have the tools; you now need the mindset. One of the most important things to remember in sharing your story is always to be yourself. Authentic content that reflects who you are will consistently deliver the most potent message. Success truly is a work of “heart.”

Footnote: This article reminds me of a hilarious coaster I bought recently. I use it for my reality check. Perfection is not necessary but showing up and being natural is. If in doubt, repeat after me: I talk too much, cuss too much, and have questionable judgement. I’m all I’ve ever wanted in a friend.


Kathryn Taylor Musseau is the owner of Kathryn Taylor Media. Her show Let’s Get Writing runs live on Facebook at Kathryn Taylor Media and simulcasts on YouTube and LinkedIn each week, featuring writers in all genres and publishers. Her episodes and tips are available on her YouTube channel Kathryn Taylor TV. Her Let’s Get Writing podcast is available on your favourite platforms for those who prefer to listen. She also publishes a weekly newsletter, Love Notes. You can subscribe on her website. Her first novel, Misty’s Misadventures, is available at Amazon and other book locations. To learn more about Kathryn, please visit her website, or reach out to her at

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