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Shaping a Brighter Future and Community Impact

By Krista Hazlie

Kim Holmes and Kayla Shea, Economic Impact Award, sponsored by Hebron Project

Kim Holmes and Kayla Shea are the dynamic duo behind Escape by the Sea. They bring a wealth of experience and dedication to their business. Kim’s 18 years of business management and Kayla’s 13 years as a Licensed Practical Nurse have combined to create a powerful team that drives the business’s success.

Their journey together started in 2016. Recognizing the potential of their combined talents, Kim extended an invitation to Kayla to become a business partner. Kim and Kayla’s dream was born out of passion and a shared vision, fueled by a desire to make a meaningful contribution to their community and driven by unwavering determination to create something exceptional. What followed was three years of relentless effort, crafting a business plan, and working closely with professionals.

A pivotal moment occurred in 2019, when the first cottage opened its doors to guests. It was a summer filled with excitement and learning as family and friends joined forces to paint, stain, and even build furniture for the cottages. The process was challenging but immensely rewarding.

The road to success was not without its hurdles. Kim and Kayla’s resilience and adaptability helped weather their challenges, and the business is now thriving in its third year. As it continues to grow, the economic impact on the local community is undeniable. Their success has a ripple effect, benefiting local businesses, creating employment opportunities, and inspiring others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

What sets Escape by the Sea apart is not just the exceptional accommodations but the genuine care and passion the company invests in creating unforgettable guest experiences.

The future holds exciting prospects for Escape by the Sea. Plans include offering packages for the shoulder and off-seasons, showcasing traditional Newfoundland outdoor activities, and collaborating with local tourism businesses. Their growth strategy includes the addition of more cottages, creating additional job opportunities within the community.

Escape by the Sea’s exponential growth and Kim and Kayla’s commitment to the community make the company a deserving recipient of the Economic Impact Award. The impact of their journey is evident in the economic vitality of their community and the inspiration they provide to others. Escape by the Sea is not just a business; it’s a beacon of hope, determination, and community spirit, shaping a brighter future for all.


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