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Why You Should Be Developing a Business Portfolio

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

By Carole Spicer

Why is developing a business portfolio a good idea? A résumé’s purpose is to get you an interview. An elevator pitch is designed to get you a meeting. A business portfolio does both. It establishes credibility and lets potential clients know you are the right person or company to hire!

What is included in a business portfolio?

A business portfolio is a package of documents that showcase your company and your products and services. Your business portfolio may include these items:

• company history

• credentials and affiliations

• products and services

• bios of team members

• testimonials

• photos

• examples of successful projects

Client success story

I had the pleasure of working with Carmelita Morgan of Carma Yoga earlier this year. Carmelita was able to secure funding from techNL to hire me to develop a digital marketing strategy. As we worked through her marketing materials and planned an approach to promoting her business, she asked me about developing a business portfolio. We started gathering all the information listed above. As Carmelita has discovered, clients can apply to funding programs that will support hiring her. Consequently, we decided to include a section in her portfolio with links and descriptions of the programs.

We developed a business growth plan together that focused on her strategic goals; then it was time to test the validity of her portfolio.

Carmelita sent her business portfolio to two new potential clients. One immediately hired her for an event, and both are pursuing the funding opportunities with the goal of hiring Carmelita for a series of events.

I am so proud of Carmelita for taking the time to develop these important documents that support the growth of her business. She told me she feels much better now that she has everything down on paper. It gave her confidence to pursue her growth activities. She has a fabulous reputation already. These documents help build on that and support her strategic initiatives in a professional way.

If you need some assistance in developing a business portfolio or other strategic documents (such as a business plan, growth plan, or mission and vision statements), do not hesitate to connect!


Carole Spicer

Owner & Founder | Spicer Facilitation & Learning | Master Trainer & Facilitator

Strong relationships are one of the core values of owner and founder Carole Spicer. A certified trainer and facilitator, Carole uses her experience to help clients achieve their desired outcomes.

A natural storyteller with a passion for her heritage, Carole often says she is in her dream job, as she gets to talk for a living.

Carole is a tenth-generation Canadian from Newfoundland and Labrador. She currently resides in Pasadena, Newfoundland, with her husband and their cat, Velcro. She is chair of the Pasadena Heritage Society and secretary of the Pasadena Public Library Board. If not volunteering, she enjoys snowshoeing, kayaking, reading, researching her family tree, or watching her beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

Spicer Facilitation & Learning helps people, governments, and organizations to connect, build relationships, and achieve desired outcomes together. Based in Pasadena, Spicer Facilitation & Learning can meet your needs in person or virtually.

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