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Ronnie Walsh

Nine Island Communications

For more than 20 years, Ronnie Walsh has helped people strategically and creatively tell their stories. She began her career as a journalist, then moved into communications and marketing. Ronnie’s experience allows her to view situations from different perspectives, ask the right questions, and deliver the best results. Ronnie is an accredited, award-winning communications expert known for developing corporate strategies in media relations, strategic communications, employee engagement, and reputation management. She’s also a media relations and performance coach. She shares her insight via her blog, as a professional speaker, and as the host of the business television show Extrapreneurs. 

Issue 6.2 | Fall 2018

Be Smart. Be Strategic.

Issue 6.3 | Winter 2018

Be Camera-Ready

Issue 6.4 | Spring 2019

It's Your Story. Tell it!

Issue 6.5 | Summer 2019

Build and Manage Your Brand