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Sonia Byrne

Sonia Byrne Consulting

Sonia bridges her corporate background and mindful leadership experience to help entrepreneurs and organizations navigate the changing workplace environment. She has provided consulting, coaching, workshops, and speaker services to entrepreneurs and teams in corporate and not-for-profit settings in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Through practices rooted in mindfulness and conscious leadership, Sonia helps business owners untangle the puzzle of conflict, motivation, and engagement in their organizations.

Issue 6.2 | Fall 2018

Mental Mindset for Success: Conflict

The solution is in the source

Issue 6.3 | Winter 2018

Mental Mindset for Success: Time Management

The solution is in the source

Issue 6.4 | Spring 2019

Mental Mindset for Success: The impact of money mindset

Issue 6.5 | Summer 2019

Mental Mindsets for Success: Fearless Networking