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Dr. Susan O'Leary

SOuL Wellbeing

SOuL Wellbeing was formed during a creative moment wandering the streets of Edinburgh while researching ways to expand on Susan’s years of work in wellness health care. Her 23 years of experience as a chiropractor and 30 years with lifestyle mentors in yoga, meditation & positive

mindsets, complements her passion to help people express inspired lives they love. She appreciates opportunities to facilitate positive change working with individuals and groups to curate practical solutions for wellbeing. Outside of her work, Susan can be found humbly learning the world of horses, lost in nature and connecting with others through travel and culture.

Issue 8.1 | Fall 2020

When Dreaming Moves into Being

Issue 8.2 | Winter 2020

A Field of Dreams: Your little piece of Earth

Issue 8.3 | Spring 2021

Finding Order in Chaos: The art of mindful living