The Advisor

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W. Y. Alice Chan


Alice is the executive director and co-founder of the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy—a national, non-religious non-profit that works to foster understanding about religious, spiritual, and non-religious peoples, and their intersecting identities. She leads a team of researchers and educators who are deeply committed to their local communities across Canada. Her leadership is based on her work at small, medium, and multi-national businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and her PhD in education.

With her team, Alice listens and works with local partners to engage in complex and challenging concerns to help communities and organizations live and work better together. She brings research, insight, and a customized approach to ensure that each training, research, consulting, or program evaluation they offer is collaboratively co-owned and locally relevant.


(The Centre for Civic Religious Literacy and Mind the Gap Consulting™ are partner organizations.)

Issue 8.3 | Spring 2021

"Love Lift Us Up": Singing the benefits of belonging