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President's Message

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Fall Issue 2021

By Denise Goodyear

Welcome, everyone, to the fall edition of The Advisor. Although we are still adapting to our new normal, things have been getting better and busier for most of us. I’m grateful for how far we have come and cautiously optimistic we’ll be getting back together more in the fall—and we have a lot to celebrate!

On November 4, 2021, we hope to come together once again at the Sheraton Hotel to celebrate some of the tremendous accomplishments of our members with our Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. These women in business are innovators, trailblazers, and leaders, and we look forward to celebrating them and us all. The awards will also be streamed virtually to ensure women all over our province can again join in the celebration. We are excited to have two new awards to present this year—our Mentor and Leadership awards. These awards give us the ability to recognize all the amazing work that women do above and beyond the day-to-day of running their businesses. These members have provided considerable time and resources to mentoring others and been champions for all of us women in business. We look forward to celebrating them together, so mark your calendars for the evening of November 4th!

As fall is upon us, we’ll be busy orienting new board members Charlene Brophy and Jacqui Winter, ensuring they have the knowledge required to make the most of their time with us. These local leaders understand the challenges we all face in business, and we are excited about the contributions they will make in the coming months. As we continue to attract new women business owners to our network and grow our membership, we need a well-balanced board of directors with the expertise and ideas required for our organization to continue evolving and adapting. If you have an interest in joining the NLOWE board, please get in touch; we are all happy to discuss our experiences.

Our new website is live at! The NLOWE team should be very proud of this new site and the resources it provides. If you haven’t yet updated your profile, be sure to do so, and register for NLOWE’s updates to stay informed about the latest news, training, programs, and events.

As a marketer, I get asked all the time what marketing tools have the most impact. After 20+ years of working with entrepreneurs, I can tell you that your network is everything. Nowadays this is a combination of local and digital groups, but the benefits remain the same—the support, the advice, the audiences, and the ability to discuss challenges and celebrate victories with others who get it, who understand. Your networks are your people. Lean on and support each other; do business together wherever possible. Growing your network is one of the most powerful things you can do as a business owner. NLOWE is one of these networks. Participate and communicate. The next time your business has a need, check the NLOWE membership directory first. Let’s support each other and grow together.

I wish you all a fantastic and prosperous fall, and I hope to see many of you in person very soon.

Stay safe, everyone, and continue supporting each other; it truly makes a difference.

Denise Goodyear

NLOWE Board Chair and President of Intuitive Media


Denise Goodyear

Denise Goodyear is president of Intuitive Media, a company which takes a more imaginative and accountable approach to digital marketing and media buying. She’s happiest when meeting new people, building relationships, and helping small businesses grow through marketing management, digital strategy, advertising, and training.

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